Two-Piece Clear Cover


Now introducing our latest product innovation, the redesigned AK two-piece sump and sewage basin cover. The innovative clear access plate design will make it easier than ever to service
a sump and sewage basin due to the brass inserts and removable cover design. Never worry about stripping screws in the cover again. Quick and easy access means saving time, money, and no need for replacement parts.

Product Literature (PDF)

Part Number Description Technical Drawing
AKP80302 SF 18″ 1.5X1.5 AAF AKP80302 (PDF)
AKP80303 SF 18″ 1.5X1.5 AAF W/ 3″ BLANK PLUG AKP80303 (PDF)
AKP80304 SF 18″ 1.5 AAFX1.5 BOLT DN AKP80304 (PDF)
AKP80305 SF 18″ 1.5X2 AAF AKP80305 (PDF)
AKP80306 SF 18″ 1.5X2 AAF W/ 3″ BLANK PLUG AKP80306 (PDF)
AKP80307 SF 18″ 1.5 AAFX2 BOLT DN AKP80307 (PDF)
AKP80308 SF 18″ 1.5 AAFX3 BOLT DN AKP80308 (PDF)
AKP80309 SF 18″ 2X1.5 BOLT DN AKP80309 (PDF)
AKP80310 SF 18″ 2X2 AAF AKP80310 (PDF)
AKP80311 SF 18″ 2X2 AAF W/ 3″ BLANK PLUG AKP80311 (PDF)
AKP80312 SF 18″ 2X2 BOLT DN AKP80312 (PDF)
AKP80313 SF 18″ 2 AAFX3 BOLT DN AKP80313 (PDF)
AKP80314 SF 18″ 2X3 BOLT DN AKP80314 (PDF)
AKP80315 SF 18″ 1.5 AAFX3 BOLT DN AKP80315 (PDF)


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