MPC P500 Alarm

The P500 1-Zone Indoor Alarm is an indoor rated alarm panel, powered by a standard 120VAC wall outlet. The green power LED will illuminate (solid) when powered. The P500 indoor alarm is a multipurpose alarm panel that can be used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to: septic tanks, sumps, holding tanks, pump chambers, water tanks, flow, pressure, condensate, temperature, and any others where a “dry” contact can be connected to the alarm panel.
The alarm panel is equipped with audible and visual alarm indication, activated by a normally open or normally closed sensor wired to the terminals. A variety of sensors can be used such as a float switch, pressure switch, or any “dry” type sensor that “closes” during an alarm condition (normally open or normally closed). Installing a 9VDC battery (not included) provides battery backup during power outages. Use the auxiliary contacts to connect to building automation systems (BAS) and phone dialers. Multiple sensors (signaling device) can be connected for expanded monitoring. An alarm condition occurs when the sensor (signaling device) contact is activated, during which the red alarm LED will illuminate (solid), buzzer will annunciate (solid), and the auxiliary contacts will activate. The alarm condition will stay on until the sensor is deactivated. If the alarm silence pushbutton is pressed during an alarm condition, it will silence the buzzer while the alarm LED remains on. The silence condition will reset when the sensor deactivates and the alarm panel will auto reset for the next alarm cycle.

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