Free Flo Duplex 1 1/4″- 2″

All AK Industries packaged sewage basin lift stations come complete with everything needed for a quality installation. The only things you need to provide are the pump of your choice, underground piping and electric cable. Below is a general listing of the items included with each system. Key structural components (PVC, Galvanized, Ductile and Stainless Steel) will vary depending on the selection you make in the Rail & Plumbing chart in the guide.

Free-Flo Duplex 1 1/4″- 2″ (PDF)

Simplex Systems  Duplex Systems
 Simplex Studs  Duplex Studs
 SS Discharge Coupling  SS Discharge Coupling
 Nylon Electric Coupling  Nylon Electric Coupling
 4″ Inlet (Adapt-A-Flex or 4″ CL Hub)  4″ Inlet (Adapt-A-Flex or 4″ CL Hub)
 Free-Flo Base Elbow  Free-Flo Base Elbow
 Guide Rail & Bracket  Guide Rail & Bracket
 Brass Gate Valve  Brass Gate Valve
 Ball Check Valve  Ball Check Valve
 Elbow  Elbow
 Union  Union
 SS Extension Handle & Bracket  SS Extension Handle & Bracket
 Simplex Float Bracket  SS Duplex Float Bracket
 Simplex Junction Box  Duplex Junction Box
 Chain Package (SS)  Chain Package (SS)
 Couplings  Couplings
 SS Cross Brace for Upper Guide Bracket  SS Nuts, Bolts & Washers
 Upper Guide Bracket (Galvanized)  Upper Guide Bracket
 Close Nipples  Reducer Bushings
 3 Model #2900 Float Switches (20″)  4 Model #2900 W Floats (20″)
 Mushroom Vent
 2 Lifting Lugs


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