D Shaped Valve Box


Valve Box
 Part Number  Description
GB-48X48VB  48″ X 48″ Valve Box
GB-48X60VB  48″ X 60″ Valve Box
GB-48X72VB  48″ X 72″ Valve Box
 Valve Box Covers
 Part Number  Description
LB-S48VBC  48″ Steel Cover, 1/4″ Thick
LB-A48VBC  48″ Aluminum Cover, 1/4″ Thick
LB-S60VBC  60″ Steel Cover, 3/8″ Thick
LB-A60VBC  60″ Aluminum Cover, 1/4″ Thick
 LB-S72VBC  72″ Steel Cover, 3/8″ Thick
 LB-A72VBC  72″ Aluminum Cover, 1/4″ Thick


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