Cover Mounted Discharge Fittings


Bolt down discharge flanges are a non-threaded, water and gas tight design. Perfect for radon prevention or stack test covers.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Material: Non-Corrosive, No Break High Density Polyethylene

Warranty: One Year

Made from Heavy Duty Polyethylene

Available In A Variety Of Sizes

Perfect For Radon Prevention

Perfect For Stack Test Water Tight Requirements

Part Number Description Technical Drawing
AKP10210 Bolt Down Discharge Flange 1.25″ AKP10210 (PDF)
AKP10220 Bolt Down Discharge Flange 1.5″ AKP10220 (PDF)
AKP10230 Bolt Down Discharge Flange 2″ AKP10230 (PDF)
AKP10240 Bolt Down Discharge Flange 3″ AKP10240 (PDF)


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