AK Pump Jon


Put a bathroom anywhere! With the AK Industries Pump Jon System, you can install a toilet in basements, workshops, cabins, etc. without having to tear up any concrete floors or installing underground soil lines. Easily add on other fixtures such as sinks, showers and tubs. It can be a free-standing or built-in system for a more professional look.

Installation Instructions (PDF)

Material: Non-Corrosive, No Break High Density Polyethylene

Weight: 45 lbs.

Volume: 8 Gallons

Warranty: One Year

Made from Heavy Duty Polyethylene

Includes Bolt Down Lid for Easy Access

Pre-Drilled Holes for Toilet Discharge and Vent

Accepts Waste Water from Toilets, Sinks, Raised Tubs, and Showers

Part Number Description Technical Drawing
AKP50620 Poly QuickJon AKP50620 (PDF)


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