Structural Foam Basins

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Structural Foam Basins

Jackel is a well known and respected manufacturer of premium Sump & Sewage Basins, Covers and Check Valves.  Also, check out their Radon Mitigation…



The Jackel Sump Basin COver is designed to cover one or more of our Jackel Sump Basins.  It is ideal for basement applications where a submersible or pedestal sump pump is required. The cover is made of injection moulded polyethene structural foam and provides superior structural toughness and reliability.  The Jackel offering of Sump Basin Covers has three varieties, Split, Slotted and Solid, along with different fitting options for some of the more popular styles. This allows for maximum versatility when installing our products.

Sewage Structural Foam

Sewage Structural Foam – Please refer to chart for stock structural foam sewage basins

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