Rail Assembly

Rail Assembly


Conery Free-Flo Disconnects / Base Elbows
Metropolitan Pump stocks a complete selection of lift out assemblies, please contact our office for current availability and options.


Constructed of long-lasting ductile iron, this is the most reliable system on the market. This new rail system allows you to move your discharge depth to new lengths so you can be the judge. It doesn’t stop there. With this strong ductile iron system you are now able to use a vertical or horizontal pump with a few minor adjustments. Having a hard time with pump removal? The AK Adjust-A-Rail makes it easy for you to get in and out safely without all of the back pain. This system is available in simplex and duplex systems in pipe sizes 1-1/4” – 2” and is ready for you, if you’re up for the task. When choosing a pump for this system the weight must not exceed 125 lbs and if you’re planning on using a horizontal pump the pump must have a 2” ANSI Pump Flange Connection.

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