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BJM Pumps manufactures, sells, and services submersible pumps used in dewatering and wastewater applications. Its field-proven portfolio of pump solutions delivers long life with low maintenance requirements in challenging operating conditions across mining, food and beverage, industrial and commercial wastewater, oil and gas, construction and many other industries. BJM Pumps’ unique designs and outstanding product quality is matched by its high-touch customer service and network of expert distributors.


Stancor, L.P., has more than 30 years of experience providing innovative pumping solutions for a variety of demanding applications. Stancor’s comprehensive product portfolio serves a variety of markets including construction, industrial processing, utilities and wastewater. Stancor is best known for their leadership position in underground coal mining with their MSHA-certified pumps. Their popular Oil Minder® product is an industry leader for sensing oil or water and pumping only water without harmful hydrocarbons contaminating the environment.




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