Sump Pumps


The Myers line of submersible and pedestal sump pumps handle solids up to ½”. Available in a variety of materials and construction options, these high-performance sump pumps come with a reliable vertical, tethered, diaphragm or manual switch. For quick and easy installation, you can also choose a pre-packaged system that arrives fully assembled in a sump basin from the factory. Be sure to secure peace of mind with a Myers battery backup unit, helping to ensure that your valuable possessions will not be affected by storms or power outages. Combined with Pentair’s Link2O™ technology, you’ll receive text or e-mail alerts, providing you with real-time status of your home’s water systems. An added layer of assurance is the new Tri-Larm, a battery-powered water sensor that also detects freezing pipes and power outages.

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Barnes sump pumps feature low cost, high-performance benefits from a rugged, heavy-duty design. With upper and lower ball bearings and a heavy duty cast iron vortex impeller. Barnes SP33, SP50, and SP75 sump pumps are robustly designed for long operational life and dependable service. They are further enhanced by a stainless-steel shaft and heavy-duty seal. Barnes sump pumps save time and replacement costs because they are interchangeable with competing sump pump models.

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This collection of pumps is designed for use in sump pits or for general transfer of water with solids less than 2″ (50 mm) in spherical diameter.

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Sump Pumps are automatic drainage pumps used to remove groundwater seepage from sump pits and are most often used for basement drainage to prevent costly residential flooding. Hydromatic offers a comprehensive line of professional grade Primary Sump Pumps in both submersible and pedestal style, Battery Backup Sump Pumps and Combination Sump Pumps, as well as Sump Pump Accessories.

Want a sump pump that can protect your home well? A Hydromatic pump can.

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