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carostanWe design control panels including circuit diagrams, PLC programming and operator interfaces based on an extensive database of technical documents, which helps ensure fast and high-quality production.

We also produce made-to-measure control panels according to plans and specifications, consistent with industry standards. Waste water, irrigation, purification, booster systems, boiler feeds, condensate systems, cooling towers, variable speed controls, etc.


Tulsar Canada specializes in creating custom, hand-assembled electronic control panels that protect the environment and help you run an efficient, cost-saving operation. We are dedicated to providing quality and customer service and we stand behind our commitment to precision, skill and quality. Our certified engineers design and craft each panel to perfection at our plant in Brantford, Ontario, ensuring our products seamlessly manage and control your water solution. Our design is driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, which is why our control panels are market leaders in maintenance and service. We oversee the entire process from the moment an order is placed until it is delivered and installed to guarantee quality—a standard we will not compromise.


CSISJE RhombusSJE Rhombus is a global manufacturer of reliable, trouble-free liquid level controls for a wide variety of residential, commercial, SJE Panelmunicipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. Our wide range of industry-leading control and monitoring systems includes pump control panels, alarm systems, level monitoring solutions, float switches, and more — all engineered and manufactured to meet stringent demands. 


CSI Controls® specializes in designing and fabricating a

wide range of control solutions for the water

and wastewater industries.

At CSI Controls, we understand your need for reliable pump control solutions. Our customers have come to rely on our responsive approach to engineering and manufacturing for residential, commercial water, and wastewater applications.

See WaterIn addition to the Oil Smart® product line, See Water designs and manufactures innovative electronic controls, high liquid alarms, pump control panels, and treatment products. As a UL 508A and UL 698A control panel manufacturer, all products are assembled by professionals in the United States.

See Water, Inc. provides worldwide solutions for the HVAC, Commercial, Residential, Utility and Wastewater industries. Offering the best pre-engineered control solutions and excellent customer service, See Water is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to Water and Wastewater professionals.